Rob Branch-Dasch
Chief Executive Officer
Joined in 2004
rob at pinyonsprings dot com
Rob brings thirty years of international business, government, and NGO experience to Pinyon Springs. He is committed to making sustainability, resilience, and new economics a part of our everyday lives.


Valerie Heimerich
Director, Public Outreach
Joined in 2005
val at pinyonsprings dot com
Val has spent decades working to improve the lives of those around her, including at-risk youth, developmentally disabled adults, and other people facing crisis situations. She particularly enjoys raising public awareness of the plights faced by the animals with which we share our communities.


Matt Callahan
Director, Technology
Joined in 2005
matt at pinyonsprings dot com
People have brought complex problems to Matt for years. He sees elegance in simple solutions, and views the inevitable breakdown of unnecessarily complicated systems as an important part of social justice.


Bernard Jefferson
Director, Art and Design
bernard at pinyonsprings dot com
A highly-educated and experienced artist, Bernard brings a sophisticated and highly unique perspective. His ability to perceive and creatively model the concurrent comedy and tragedy of our world is an undeniable asset.

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