About Pinyon Springs

Pinyon Springs is a consultancy and think tank devoted to helping organizations transition to a new economy, and to thrive amid changes to energy, climate, supply chains, and marketplaces. We are completely private, and completely free of charge.

In a changing world, anyone who stands still gets left behind. But to many people it can be tempting to stand still, especially after years of developing a business and finally reaching a point at which things seem to click. Standing still becomes especially attractive when change might involve risk or investment. But in our evolving economies, standing still may prove to involve more risk or investment.

Pinyon Springs doesn’t make products, we make ideas. Ideas that help organizations and individuals to evolve and achieve in a rapidly changing world. We research complex issues such as shifting global economies, climate change, and energy descent, issues that are transforming our world, the ways we conduct business, and how we live. And because there are no one-size-fits-all answers to such big issues, we get to know you. Then we help you and your organization adapt and evolve with these changes, benefit from them, and be of benefit to those around you.

Pinyon Springs is independent, has no agenda or affiliations, receives no outside funding, and our staff of professionals contribute on a voluntary basis. We have never, nor will we ever, share details of our client base. You can be assured of honest, unbiased, advice provided with absolute discretion.


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